We cover the most common ways to greet friends and strangers in Vietnam, including some tips on age-based politeness and etiquette rules in Vietnam.
It can be used in formal and informal situations such as: a conversation with the family uncles or children. There are many other ways to say hello in Vietnam, most of which depend on whether you are speaking informally to young people or formally to elders and superiors:
  – Xin chào – “Hello” (for everyone)
  – Chào – “Hi” (to say hello; only for people your age or younger​​)
  – Chào Chị – “Hello, Madam” (formal, suitable for talking to older women)
  – Chào Chú – “Hello, Uncle” (formal, suitable for talking to older men)
  – Chào Jeny – “Hello Jeny”
  – Chào mèo – “Hello Kitty” Of course, there are as many variations of “chào chị/chú” as there are pronouns in Vietnamese. What is the right way to say “Xin Chào”? “Xin Chào”, sounds like “Sin Chiao”

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